Axon™ FAQ

How does Axon™ work?

Axon™ measures the force applied as the user pushes the sensing end of Axon™ into a sturdy object and reports the measured force both through a built-in display on Axon™ and through the AxonFit™ app.  Axon™ also provides intuitive, visual guidance and instant feedback through a set of LEDs as users work out.  

Axon™ has a guidance LED that starts out orange and closer to the middle of Axon™ than to the sensing end.  When a rep begins, the orange guidance light travels down Axon™ toward the sensing end.  The objective is to apply pressure to “chase” the orange guidance light and turn it green by applying a target amount of force.  The LEDs between the user and the orange LED light up in sequence to show the user’s progress toward meeting the target force.  If the user meets the target force, the guidance light turns from orange to green.  When the rep is over, the guidance light travels back toward the user, away from the sensing end of the stick.

Is Axon™ rigid or flexible?

Axon™ is rigid and is designed not to bend.  If you are looking for a flexible stick, check out the offerings from Stick Mobility (

What is the maximum amount of force Axon™ can handle?  Is it fragile?

Axon™ is designed to withstand 100 lbs (45 kg) of force applied longitudinally (down its long axis).  We selected laminated bamboo for the production Axon™ because of is tremendous strength.

How much does Axon™ weigh?

Axon™ weighs approximately 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms).

Who is Axon™ for?

Axon™ is for everyone!  Personal trainers will finally be able to tell if their clients’ grunts and groans really do correspond to their efforts.  Physical therapists can use data reported by Axon™ to assess their clients’ progress as they rehabilitate an injury or recover from surgery. Individuals who are new to working out or unsure of how to use Axon™ will be able to select pre-configured workouts using the AxonFit™ app and download them to Axon™ to get a full-body strengthening and mobility workout.  More advanced customers can configure their own workouts using AxonFit™ and download those workouts to Axon™ to add isometric training to their workouts or enhance their current workouts by adding new Axon™ exercises.

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